Post WWII Kiev-4 Russian Rangefinder Camera with Accessories

Kiev 4 Russian Rangefinder Camera

Once again, from glorious Mother Russia, comes an old but interesting camera — I’m speaking, of course, of the Kiev 4 35mm rangefinder camera. Kiev cameras were exclusively manufactured in the Arsenal factory located within the great city of Kiev (hence the name) in the Ukraine, after the completion of World War II. Once taking control […]

Altissa Box Camera

1951 Altissa Box Camera

Eho-Altissa was a manufacturer of cameras based in Dresden, Germany which began operations way, way back in 1892 — the same year that Baron Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron) was born in Kleinburg (now part of Poland), and the great cholera outbreak of hamburg occurred. So, you know… a brand new camera company, the birth of […]

MTO-11CA with Case and Filter

MTO-11CA f/10, 1000mm Rubinar Telephoto Mirror Lens

So, you want to photograph something from far away? Like, I mean, seriously far away? Perhaps you wish to prepare yourself to capture images of the upcoming comet ISON that’s scheduled to be streaking across the sky later this year? Or, maybe you’re feeling that your current portfolio is lacking in some uber-cool, close-up shots […]

Balda Baldax

Balda Baldax Folding Camera

Contrary to popular belief, Balda Baldax is not, in fact, the name of an evil space-trader -slash- mercenary -slash- intergalactic pirate in George Lucas‘ fabled Star Wars universe. It was, instead, actually the model name of a pretty funky little German-made vintage folding camera. Founded in Dresden, Germany way, way back in 1908, and adopting […]

Wittnette Camera

Wittnette Psuedo TLR Camera

What’s that you say? You haven’t heard of Wittnette cameras? Well, don’t you go feeling so all alone, my friend. A lot of people, it seems, haven’t heard of Wittnette cameras. A lot more people, however, have probably heard of the company that was responsible for manufacturing Wittnette cameras. That company’s name was “Wittnauer.” Yeah, […]

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