Meopta Flexaret VI Automat TLR

Meopta Flexaret VI Automat

Flexaret Cameras were manufactured in Czechoslovakia between the years 1939 and 1970 by the Meopta company. Founded in Přerov, Czechoslovakia in 1933 as the Optikotechna company, the operation was begun with the intention of solely producing a range of optics. However, the company soon expanded and by 1939 Optikotechna was producing a wide range of […]

Youtube Photography Videos – April 19th, 2013

Youtube Photography Videos

BHPhotoVideoProAudio has uploaded “Creative Compositing With Masks in Photoshop” — A two hour video explaining how you can seize command of your basic Photoshop skills and instructing how you can develop exacting control over the extent of what you can do in Photoshop to make sure that your images end up appearing exactly as you […]

Mercury II Camera CX Model by Univex / Universal

Univex Mercury II CX

The Universal Camera Corporation was founded in 1932 by partners Otto W. Githens and Jacob J. Shapiro in New York city. Its initial base of operations was located at 521 South Avenue in New York and later moved to 23 West Road. The Universal Camera Company was best known for its production of both still and cine cameras […]

Certo Super Sport Dolly

Super Sport Dolly For Sale

Founded one-hundred and eleven years ago in Dresden, Germany by the German Engineer Alfred Lippert and his partner Karl Peppel, the Certo Camera Werk specialized in manufacturing reasonably priced folding cameras for the European market. Just fifteen years after its founding, the company was purchased by Emil Zimmermann, who handed the operations of the firm to his […]

Ross-Ensign Fulvueflex Synchroflash 1950’s TLR Camera

Ross-Ensign Fulvueflex Synchroflash box detail front

Featured today is the vintage, and kind of weird, Ross-Ensign Fulvueflex Synchroflash camera. A clever name for a camera, no? Try saying it’s name five times fast — Fulvueflex Synchroflash, Fulvueflex Synchroflash… fool-vul-flex sing-kro-flash… Do you get what’s clever about it? “Full view reflex.” Get it? Ah well… whatever. The history of the Ross-Ensign camera […]

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