Minolta Dynax 8000i – The Camera A Journalist Took to Space!

Minolta 8000i Limited Edition White

Tang may have been the drink that astronauts took to the moon, but the Minolta Dynax 8000i is the camera that a news reporter took to the Mir space station! Which one is cooler? Seriously! The Minolta Dynax 8000i (also sold as the Minolta Maxxum 8000i on the North American market, and the Minolta  α-8700i […]

Rare Zeiss Ikon Super Nettel II 35mm Camera

Super Nettel II

In 1934, Zeiss Ikon introduced the “Super Nettel” line of 35mm folding cameras, intended as a less expensive alternative to their high-end 35mm range-finder camera, the Contax I. Which, itself, was made with the intention of competing with cameras being offered by Leica at the time. As the Zeiss’ “high-end”, Leica competitive, Contax I offering, […]

Coronet Ambassador 120mm 6X9 Vintage Box Camera

Coronet Ambassador Box Camera

Founded in Birmingham, England in the mid-1920s by Frederick Pettifer, the Coronet Camera company had a stated mission of producing quality, yet low-priced cameras that were easily operable by the average consumer. Pettifer was able to maintain his vision for producing cameras up until 1967, when the Coronet Camera company finally closed its doors. But, […]

Salyut Zenith-80 Russian Medium Format Camera

Salyut Zenith 80 Medium Format Russian Camera

It looks a lot like an old Hassleblad, it might even taste a lot like and old Hasselblad, for all we know. But, Brother, it ain’t no old Hasselblad! That matters little, however, as long as you’re not standing too close to other photographers while you’re shooting with it. Right? Keep a fair distance and […]

Rokuoh-Sha Type 89 WWII Era Japanese Machine Gun Camera

Rokuoh-Sha Type-89 Machine Gun Camera

The Rokuoh-Sha machine gun camera is an exceptionally rare and very sought after piece of Japanese military history. It was manufactured by the Konishoruko Camera Company (which later became Konica) during world war two, as a way of training Japanese military airplane machine gunners. The machine gun camera would be mounted on to Japanese military […]

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